Dear Educators,

What We Teach Today Shapes Our Children’s Future Tomorrow
It is our job as educators to re-evaluate how, when and what we teach our children. We should ensure that our educational system caters to the needed skills of the future.
An average student who starts kindergarten in the scholastic year 2011-2012 will graduate
from high school in the year 2022-2023 and a four-year college in the year 2026-2027. A medical doctor will graduate in the year 2030-2031 and begin training in hospitals facing the challenges of newly discovered diseases and using the latest technology.
Now is the most urgent time to begin an educational system that will work. On Thursday, January 18, 2007, International Herald Tribune stated that the Middle East has experienced a remarkable rise in the population rates since the 70s. The region’s population has grown from 127
million in 1970 to 305 million in 2005. The rise in the Middle East population, which led to a baby boom during the 80s, together with the lack of resources in the Middle East region pose a great threat to the economic stability of the region and will present serious challenges from a number of angles.
Unemployment will escalate. The governments will not be able to create enough jobs for the young population that will be entering the job market. Unemployment is already a major setback in the MENA region. As the baby boomers of the 1980s enter the job market, the pressures will be even greater. The key to solving this problem will be the ability of the private sector to employ more nationals. It is imperative that we educate our
students to be creative entrepreneurs who will be ready to take on the great challenge of creating businesses, which will provide enough job opportunities and give the cutting edge to the stability in the region.
Therefore, it is imperative that we start thinking objectively now about what to teach our children. This series is created to motivate our children to be entrepreneurial thinkers who have the required skills and tools to start their own businesses. We are seeking to educate and motivate a creative, problem-solving and open-minded generation that will play an active role in setting high work standards and social awareness.
This dream will not become a reality without the help of pioneers like you who are willing to implement this program and take on the challenge of thinking ahead towards our children’s future, instilling in them the skills and knowledge to create and develop a strong business, social and financial world of the 21st century.
It is imperative to start today for a better future tomorrow.