A Curriculum for the Future

Our books are one of a kind and designed to address the need for a different kind of Education that is essential for ensuring a good future. Given the statistics about unemployment rates in the MENA region, we need to educate our children in the fields of business and economics and help produce well-needed entrepreneurs who will ultimately claim responsibility for a flourishing worldwide economy to provide a better future for
humanity at large.
A strong world’s economy means fewer wars, less famine, and more political stability.
Road to success textbook series teach the ability to set goals and to manage time, money and other resources that are important entrepreneurial skills proven to be useful in any workplace. We are confident that this textbook series is a step in the right direction. It is imperative now to prepare our children for the difficult economic crisis that the world is facing.

It is crucial that we start thinking objectively now about what to teach our children. This series is created to motivate our children to be entrepreneurial thinkers who have the required skills and tools to start their own businesses. We are seeking to educate and motivate a creative, problem-solving and open-minded generation that will play an active role in setting high work standards and social